Saturday, January 26, 2013


     Does God have control of your life, or do you try to drive life in the direction you want it to go? Some of us like to say He is in control, but we still like having our hands on the wheel. To have God in control, we have to stay in the back seat. Here is a great way to picture Him in control of your life: Think of a two-person bike. The one in front steers and both of you pedal. With God in control, He steers where you need to go and you help by doing the work.

     When God has control of our lives, there is no need to worry about todays problems when we are looking forward to life ever lasting. He knows what we can do and will never give us too much to handle. W must have faith and He will provide for us. He is always watching over us with a kind and loving heart. All we need to do is say," ok Lord you have full control," and live life the way he would want us to.

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